Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Giant "S" on Sunlight Ridge

This is the "S" that I mentioned a few days ago. Apparently, a contractor bladed a road up the hill so that a drill rig could get up there to drill test wells for construction. But, they didn't get a permit and they were in the wrong location, so the road wasn't even necessary. Boneheads! It's being re-vegetated with grass seed covered with straw.

That's the official explanation. The rumor? The chamber of commerce is gonna spell "Ski Crested Butte" with giant letters as part of it's marketing campaign.

Number Two

Poop is under-rated, according to the Miami Zoo, and I agree. Seeing a giant scat from a bear or mountain lion makes a hike more interesting, more wild and remote. A bunch of mule crap or cow pies on the trail, not so much. Everyone knows that animals get all kinds of info from smelling doo-doo, but they also use it in many bizarre ways. People use it, too, although imitating the buffalo chip courtship ritual of sarus cranes probably won't impress the ladies. They are so picky.

Nature is full of good shit. The zoo has a funny video promo for the biggest exhibit ever on the humble turd.

Monday, October 30, 2006

When it's too cold to boat

I found this set of kayaking videos from liquidlogic and LVM today. There are a bunch of good ones, including some runs near Crested Butte- Black Canyon and Oh Be Joyful. There's also some goofy stuff, of course, like inner tube surfing and redneck boat testing. Link

Friday, October 27, 2006

Conspiracy in Crested Butte?

Crested Butte, my temporary home, didn't get any of the snow which dumped on other parts of Colorado yesterday. Some wild-eyed, disgruntled skiers here are spreading rumors and conspiracy theories involving global warming, multi-national corporations, the giant "S" on Sunlight Ridge, secret test wells on Snodgrass Mountain, the Forest Service, neo-cons, real-estate developers, terrorists, Madonna, and the disappearance of the breakfast cook at Teocalli Tamale. Some other folks, disgruntled but with normal eyes, mentioned horizontal zoning, Teton Gravity Research, liberal marijuana laws, the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, and left-handed lactose-intolerant lesbians with slight high frequency hearing loss.

I enjoy a good conspiracy now and then, but Big Snow in October seems kinda weird and unnatural to me, so I just quietly walked away from town on a muddy swamp of a trail and took this photo.

Big Snow

Colorado skiers and riders are as giddy as the Democrats, lately. Two feet of snow dumped on some areas before the storm moved on.

Wolf Creek opens today (earliest ever) with 65 inches so far this season.
Keystone opens next Friday, and A-Basin and Loveland are already open.

Summit County schools were canceled for the first time in five years, 'cause the bus drivers didn't show up. They had car problems... the roads were bad... they were sick... family emergencies!

The Denver Post has photos from "readers" and a tiny video from the storm.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

There goes the neighborhood

National Geographic has an excellent video about natural-gas development in remote areas of the West. Seems like nowhere is off-limits any more.....


From GOAT.

If that's too serious for ya, NG also announced the Best Wildlife Photos of 2006. The winner is called "Beast of the Sediment", which just sounds cool.


East Coast Pumpkin Weirdness

1. Grow giant pumpkins.
2. Hollow 'em out.
3. Put 'em in the water.
4. RACE!

Link to audio from Living on Earth.

Link to official Massachusetts Pumpkin Paddle site.

Yosemite bears enjoying barbecues and having fun

NPS Bear Report for Yosemite from 10/10/06:

“Bears are still active in all Valley Campgrounds. Car break-ins have slowed down, with the only break-in this week occurring in Lower Pines campground. The easiest way to prevent a bear getting your food while camping is to have your food stored. Treat your food locker like a refrigerator and close it after each use. Keep food you are preparing within arm’s reach. Cooking meals before dark can also decrease your probability of having a bear incident. Many, but not all incidents occur after dark when bears blend in with the night and your food is in the shadows.

Bears have also been active in Curry Village, entering unoccupied tent cabins with food stored in them. Please remove all food from your cabin and store it in food storage lockers.

The acorns are dropping and we are seeing many bears eating those that have fallen and climbing the trees to get them before they drop.”


Parking lots:

*To date
The total number of incidents in 2005 was 445.

Total property damage this year is $82,518. So far this year incidents are down -% compared to last year, but down 74% since 1998.

15 bears have been hit by cars in Yosemite
National Park this year.
Keep Bears Wild


We live on a planet

The Space Shuttle blasting off from our little world.

From WorldChanging.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Burning Man 2006

I've never been to this annual desert weirdness, but the pics here make me wanna go. Hmmm, cupcakes.....

From the site:

Once a year, at the close of each summer, a vast temporary city of tents and campers rises out of the bleak Nevada desert. Burning Man; the largest outdoor art gallery in the world. These photographs form a record of my experiences at the event.

Right to Risk

Here's a video of some disabled folks doing a Grand Canyon raft trip. No carnage, just that great "I can do anything" attitude.


Terra has a good piece on Michael Franti, with some live music mixed in, from the Northern Rockies Bioneers Conference in Bozeman, Montana. They also have some really good nature videos, like this one about LightHawk, which does conservation flight missions.

Michael Franti also has a new movie - "I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE" Movie Trailer


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The First Post

Here it is, my first post here at Bears and Beers. What a weird name! Kinda catchy, tho.
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